Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stop and smell the roses

Stop and smell the roses

Our friend John was taking care of Mike's house last week, and he commented that he stopped to smell the fragrant roses on his way in the house.

I know how nature can transport us to a quieter place, and so here is a brief tour of my recent wanderings through the outdoors.

Pink petunias

Pink roses

Peach lily

Orange lily

Golden lily

Lacy yellow

 Mike's fig tree

Solitary coneflower

Iowa black raspberries

Indiana red raspberries

My camera and flowers are a delightful respite from an extremely busy and stressful time at my house.  Between multiple contractors, cleaning up ever-settling tile dust and lots of house showings, Mike and I are fried!  It was a sign of the times that both of us forgot our 4th wedding anniversary last week.  Oops!  

So we are taking a break to breathe and forget about remodeling.  Yesterday and today I got in some great neighborhood walks.  Mike enjoyed steak and beer at Boys Night Out.  I had a great dinner with Melanie and then met up with Mike and Chuck for a few beers on the patio of a local restaurant.  Hanging with friends is a wonderful way to stop and smell the roses!


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